It is easy to relax at Blue Footprints; with your feet up, eyes closed, the Kookel in the background and that sound of the sea, coming in, going out- you start to breath to the same rhythm, your heartbeat becomes in-sync. This intimate experience often leaves us yearning for a deeper understanding of our surroundings and stirs a thirst only quenchable by feeding your soul’s natural desire to explore.

Try something new or further something great, see what you have never seen before and experience the delightful feeling of awe… Explore.

Authentic Eco-Luxury

For those who want to make a difference, know that by staying at Blue Footprints Eco Lodge, we are completely off-grid and have minimised our carbon footprints without compromising on service and luxury.

Perfect Romantic Getaway

With the sound of the ocean and white sandy beaches, it is impossible for Blue Footprints not to be romantic.

Get in Touch

Email: info@bluefootprints.com

Telephone: +25 884 8900507