Our Staff

Our Staff

Our staff compliment at Blue Footprints is very small, and more like a family than staff. Which is almost literally true as our cleaners are all sisters and their sons are our waiters. Their uncle Bambo, worked with us at Barra Dive Centre, where we realized we had met the most honest and honourable of men and decided to employ as many of his family as we could. Although each staff member has a job description, everyone works really hard and helps where needed. We have worked hard to train local staff members in the tourism industry, which is fairly new to the Inhambane area. The local population has existed happily with their access to all the abundant seafood and their ownership of chickens, pigs and goats which you see grazing or running across the road fairly frequently..!!

They or their elders own the land on which they plant their staple and sturdy cassava plantations, and in season their trees all produce Avocado’s, Lemons, Oranges, Naartjie’s. The abundance of good, organic food means that those who choose to work in tourism have shown a commitment to their ambition. Many of our staff have taught themselves to speak English, and have responded well to guidance on professionalism and hosting and standards of cleanliness. We have hand-picked our staff from the local community and have trained them ourselves. Over time we have seen dedication from our staff to our guests and have rewarded these efforts, with additional training and advancement within the company.

The most significant feeling we get when working with the local Mozambicans is their awareness of our guests and their relaxed attitude’s, nothing is too much trouble for them to provide, they have a complete genuineness when looking after our guests and many have commented on how our staff have made them feel, with their heartfelt service. They don’t always get it exactly right, but we hope you will see the genuine desire to please behind their efforts.

They all are just ready to smile at the slightest provocation and in some cases will literally run when you ask for something, to go and get it…!! These guys really do care that you enjoy your experiences with us, and have many happy stories to relate to your friends throughout the globe of the enjoyment you had in Mozambique.


Mercidio – Head waiter / Trainee chef
Mercidio is a multi-talented young man who started work with us as a waiter, we quickly realized that you only had to show him something once for him to remember how to do it. So we taught him as much as we could as he is like a sponge, and loves to learn. Sam has taught him how to be our second chef, he does cocktails and is our head waiter. He can also do all the things Mozambican boys learn from the age they start walking, like cement work, roofing and all manner of maintenence. He looks like a young film star with an incredible smile, he is very methodical in his endeavours but only has one speed, which looks fairly laconic but it is just his only pace. However, he does love to play soccer with Sam, but maybe he is the goalkeeper. He has two children now and very focused on being a good Father.
Fernando – Waiter / Stocks / Host
Fernando is also one of our waiters and has been trained by Mercidio, he worked with us at Barra Dive Center, when Lisa realized he had an incredible aptitude for keeping stocks and excelled at customer service. He is as honest as can be and takes his responsibility to our guests and the lodge very seriously. Nothing is too much trouble for him and his English is perfect, though he is quite shy. He got married to a lady he adores in 2008 and has two children.
Americo - Waiter
Americo is the brother of Luis and their Mum, Madelaina is the big sister to Adelaida and Amelia. He came to help us out with some maintenance and we realised we couldn’t loose such a hard working, happy, responsive fella, so we asked him to be a waiter, the only draw back is that he couldn’t read or write. So everyone clubbed together to teach him…Through his own hard work and the dedication of the rest of the team at Blue Footprints and some massive imput from Romiche, our Portuguese speaking Canadian volunteer. Americo is now our breakfast waiter, he is a work in progress, and commited to making your stay as happy as he is, so please if you have any tips and constructive advice, just tell him and be rewarded with a huge but shy grin.
Luis - Waiter
Luis is our evening waiter and will do anything to make your stay amazing, he will run to get your drinks, he will run to get some cushions for you and some cashews. He loves looking after you and his enthusiaism comes straight from the heart. He also helps with a lot of our maintenance and you can see the potential engineer in him when he works, he is a problem solver and can have some very interesting solutions to difficult to reach problems. He has a small son, Domingos, that looks just like him and thankfully has inherited that beautific and cheeky grin. Please don’t think it odd if Luis says to you, what sounds like “Kiss, Kiss” this is actually the Mozambican way of saying “excuse me” and he probably just wants to give you a cushion or something..
Prede - Manager
Predicanta is our Manager and host and she can help you with anything, from activities, to dietary needs, to cocktails, to information about Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Marine lifeor speaking Bitonga. She is a fountain of knowledge and one of Zimbabwe’s first female Padi Diving Instructors. An incredible, dynamic and ambitious lady. It is our greatest pleasure to work along side her and have her as part of the Blue Footprints team. She lives on site and shares a house with her brother-in-law Sam, our chef and her wee baby son ..
Amel – Laundry/Housekeeping
Amel has the un-enviable job of keeping all the white linen white! Our solar system can’t support washing machines, tumble dryers and irons, so all the linen in the lodge is hand washed and dried in the sun. Amel works tirelessly to make sure everything in the lodge is kept clean. She is 32 years old and has two young children, and is very very shy, but has the most amazing smile.
Adelaida – Laundry/Housekeeping
Adelaida has some support with her sister Adelaida to help her keep the lodge and the linen clean. Adelaida also has the most beautific smile, it must run in the family and also runs all over the place to keep everything clean. She is the sweetest and very very shy. She has eight children as well so her energy levels are quite astounding. She is Amel’s sister and Aunt to Luis.
Sam - Chef
Samuel, our Blue Footprints chef, is originally from Zimbabwe and now lives here with us. He is very proud and conscientious with his food and its preparation. His specialities are seafood, steaks and desserts. You will meet him during your stay, but mostly he likes to stay in his kitchen as he can be quite shy sometimes. However on Braai nights you can corner him for a chat.. He loves it really. He likes to read and he loves to sing and play soccer, and supports Manchester United.
Lisa Co-founder
Lisa is one of Blue Footprints co-founders. She is also Blue Footprints’ architect, interior designer, CEO, FCO, bookings and reservations, purchasing, marketing, photographer, driver, cook, bottle washer and dog walker. She has an Honours degree in Economics and is a PADI Course Director. The ocean and marine environment is her passion and she loves to share this.
Liz Co-founder
Liz is one of the co-founders of Blue Footprints. Her size is deceptive. Liz has buckets of energy and enthusiasm and is constantly running around, sorting out the daily operation of the lodge. She is our head of maintenance from plumbing, building, to electrics and motor mechanics, as well as sorting out all the Mozambican paperwork, which is a job in itself. It’s hard to pin her down for a chat but she has a warm heart and will bend over backwards to make your stay as perfect as it can be! Liz is also a PADI Staff Instructor.
Itch - Owner
Itch is our pack leader and most placid of our three Blue Footprints dogs, who also believes she is the lodge owner and we are there to provide cuddles, pats, back scratches, walks on the beach and two or sometimes three daily meals. She is probably around 12 or 13 years old, as we first ‘acquired’ her in 2005.
White Puppy – Welcome Committee
White Puppy is an affectionate, softy. She looks like a small polar bear and she is Blue Footprints’ chief of meet and greet. Her tail rarely stops wagging and she loves to be loved. She is probably around 8 or 9 years old and when she came running over the hill, 6yrs ago, she was so so thin you could barely stroke her as all her ribs and vertebrae stuck out. Now she is a little bit more rotund and a lot cuddlier, though not as lightning fast as she thinks she still is..!
Shoes - Security
Shoes is our Blue Footprints canine Head of Security, and he takes his job very seriously. Once he’s checked you out, he just wants to be loved, and when he gets more comfortable with you he will want to play. He is as cute as a button and very serious.



In 2007 when we decided we would like to ‘buy’ some land on Mozambique’s incredible coastline, our ‘facilitator’ Luis, introduced us to two brothers, Manuel and Gerry. They came and showed us the plot of land that their Father had acquired the rights to, which ran for 190m along the high tide mark from one coconut tree to another coconut tree to a spiky bush to another coconut tree. We asked them why they didn’t want it and they told us it’s difficult to grow much so close to the sea.


We cut a deal and acquired the rights for the land that is now the home of Blue Footprints. When we paid the money to Gerry and Manuel, they went straight out and bought a pick-up truck and started their own construction company. Both brothers are highly skilled in carpentry, cement work, and roofing, and have come up with some ingenious solutions to many engineering and construction problems. They also have between them eight sons and an extended family, which comprises a whole labour force and construction team. So when it came time to start building, we turned to the brothers and their team.

Though Lisa designed the lodge, we didn’t really know much about construction and especially the finer points of building on a moving sand dune. Or septic tanks, or plumbing, water pumps and tanks, building furniture and, and, and.. Without Manuel & Gerry, this would have been a very different experience for us, with possibly a different outcome to the Blue Footprints you see today.

They have built our homes, store rooms, garages, installed water pumps, fixed numerous plumbing problems, fixed generators, built our solar tracking blocks, redone our roofs and changed the frames on the geysers. They removed, replaced and extended our pool deck in 12 days, after being told they only had 15 days. Every walkway is theirs as are the sunken lounges and gazebo deck.

In the beginning, we even had a furniture production line running: Lisa designed it, they would build it and we would sand and varnish it. We have even relocated coconut trees together..!! And they always come when we call, and their help is not limited to construction and its accompanying problems. They’ve helped us put out fires and chased robbers with us and Manuel even saved our dog ‘Shoes’ from another pack of dogs. We think Shoes’ knows this from how he loves Manuel, and we will never forget it.

One of the funniest memories is when they were building the managers house and they worked so fast up to roof height, so that they would be paid just before they threw a huge celebration family party on the Friday. This party involved four 2m tall speakers for the music and Gerry’s Cashew nut wine homebrew. They told us they would be on site on the Monday, but we could still hear the music Monday morning and figured we wouldn’t be seeing them until at least Wednesday..

Manuel and Gerry are hugely resourceful, when development slowed down, after its boom, around 2013 and construction projects were few and far between. We had taken the dogs for a walk to the beach and out of the sea came this man, with eight Crayfish in his hands and a huge grin on his face. It was Manuel and he had just caught the evening’s dinner for his family.

Our relationship with them has spanned nearly a decade; we have met their children and watched as they have passed on their skills to their sons, they have met our parents and our partners. And even though we come from different cultures, we know and respect each other. Their genuine warmth, unwavering support and very defined sense of right and wrong, has created a level of trust and a depth of feeling which makes us always remember how lucky we are to have met these two amazing brothers.



Authentic Eco-Luxury

For those who want to make a difference, know that by staying at Blue Footprints Eco Lodge, we are completely off-grid and have minimised our carbon footprints without compromising on service and luxury.

Perfect Romantic Getaway

With the sound of the ocean and white sandy beaches, it is impossible for Blue Footprints not to be romantic.

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