About Us

About Us

Sitting on a dune, surrounded by natural bush and mesmorised by the ocean and the passing Humpback whale migration, Blue Footprints Eco Lodge was born into that part of the imagination that, for a moment, believes that anything is possible.

To surround oneself with such natural beauty and simplicity, sometimes puts all life’s mundane worries into perspective and, in that moment of clarity, everything does become possible.

And so began an 18 month journey of planning, building and paperwork, fighting fires and fighting corrupt officials, ups and downs, forwards and backwards. 3 girls, 3 stray dogs, and a 1980 land cruiser, in the middle of nowhere, with no clue.

For us Blue Footprints represents so much: Our hearts and dreams are in this place… and our hope is that when you visit, you will feel the heart and soul of the place, and that in some way, you too, will find here what we found.  

Authentic Eco-Luxury

For those who want to make a difference, know that by staying at Blue Footprints Eco Lodge, we are completely off-grid and have minimised our carbon footprints without compromising on service and luxury.

Perfect Romantic Getaway

With the sound of the ocean and white sandy beaches, it is impossible for Blue Footprints not to be romantic.

Get in Touch

Email: info@bluefootprints.com

Telephone: +25 884 8900507